Calgary VS Edmonton

Calgary VS Edmonton

Both Calgary and Edmonton have their unique qualities, but here are the top 20 reasons you might choose to live in Calgary over Edmonton:

  1. Proximity to the mountains: Calgary is closer to the Rocky Mountains, providing easy access to outdoor activities like hiking, skiing, and snowboarding.
  2. Climate: Calgary has a sunnier and drier climate compared to Edmonton, with more hours of sunshine per year.
  3. The Calgary Stampede: This iconic annual event is a world-famous 10-day celebration of western culture, attracting millions of visitors.
  4. Parks and green spaces: Calgary boasts numerous parks, including the popular Nose Hill Park, Fish Creek Provincial Park, and Prince’s Island Park.
  5. Job opportunities: Calgary has a higher concentration of corporate headquarters and businesses, particularly in the oil and gas industry, which can offer more job opportunities.
  6. Lower property taxes: Calgary generally has lower property tax rates compared to Edmonton.
  7. Education: Calgary is home to reputable educational institutions, such as the University of Calgary, Mount Royal University, and SAIT Polytechnic.
  8. Sports: Calgary has a thriving sports scene, with professional teams like the Calgary Flames (NHL) and Calgary Stampeders (CFL).
  9. Public transportation: Calgary has an extensive LRT system (the CTrain) that makes commuting within the city convenient.
  10. Safety: Calgary is often ranked as one of the safest cities in Canada.
  11. Outdoor activities: With its proximity to the mountains, Calgary offers a wider range of outdoor activities like mountain biking, rock climbing, and rafting.
  12. Cultural attractions: Calgary is home to the National Music Centre, Glenbow Museum, and Arts Commons, showcasing the city’s vibrant arts and culture scene.
  13. Vibrant neighborhoods: Calgary has diverse neighborhoods like Kensington, Inglewood, and 17th Avenue, each with its unique charm.
  14. Shopping: Calgary offers a variety of shopping options, from malls like Chinook Centre and CrossIron Mills to boutique stores in trendy neighborhoods.
  15. International airport: The Calgary International Airport (YYC) is a major hub with more direct flights to international destinations compared to Edmonton.
  16. Scenic views: Calgary’s location near the foothills provides stunning views of the Rockies from various points in the city.
  17. Pathway system: Calgary has one of the most extensive urban pathway systems in North America, allowing for walking, running, or biking throughout the city.
  18. Recreation facilities: The city has numerous recreation facilities like the Olympic Oval and the Repsol Sport Centre, catering to various sports and fitness interests.
  19. Entrepreneurial spirit: Calgary has a strong entrepreneurial culture, with numerous start-ups and small businesses contributing to the city’s economy.
  20. Cleanliness: Calgary is known for its cleanliness and well-maintained public spaces.

Ultimately, the choice between Calgary and Edmonton depends on your personal preferences, priorities, and lifestyle. Both cities have their own unique attractions and advantages.

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